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1960: Motorola introduced the world’s first ‘large-screen’ (19-inch), transistorized, cordless portable television.


Nineteen inches was large. How far we’ve come.

Netflix “Instant” Queue

So, I went to my computer, ready to pop in a Netflix DVD and while away the hours with mindless entertainment, when I discover my disc has a crack. You’d think they could detect that sort of thing before the mail it to me, but alas.

No problem, this give me a chance to check out that (not-so-new-anymore) Instant Queue thing. “Movies start in as little as 30 seconds.” Yeah, right.

  1. I’m on a Mac, so I had to run Windows via Boot Camp.
  2. For some reason, my copy of Windows is suddenly afraid that it’s not Genuine. It wants me to activate. I fear for the worst, because the last time I installed Windows, my Activation Key has to be activated over the phone. By talking to a real person. Who asked me if the software was installed on any other computer, to which I responded “No” and we were merrily on our way. Anyhow, it turns out to be a simple little check up.
  3. I usually use Firefox, but once I logged in to Netflix, I was informed that I have to use Internet Explorer for this feature.
  4. There is a special plugin that Netflix requires to play video. Okay, fine, download and install it.
  5. You have to allow the plugin that you just installed to run in the browser now.
  6. My DRM is out of date. I have to download an update.
  7. The video player browser plugin now informs me that I actually need Windows Media Player 11 to watch video in my browser. Would have been nice if you’d checked on that back in step 3, so we could have all updated together.
  8. Windows Media Player 11 Setup informs me that Windows has successfully been update. But it couldn’t have been that successful, because I now have to restart. Let’s hope I remember to start Windows and not Mac OS.
  9. I actually thought we might be ready to go at this point. But no. Another component of Windows Media Player needs to be updated.
  10. That didn’t take too long. Now are we ready? Yes, choose something to watch.
  11. No, wait, the media file can’t be found. I try another.

Finally. That was only thirty minutes. They got the 30 part right.

Enterprise and Shark

Over the past few months, I have been re-watching episodes from the first and second seasons of Star Trek Enterprise. I had forgotten how good of a show it was. But I remember the third and fourth seasons. They were not as enjoyable. This is unusual for a Star Trek series; usually the shows are a little shaky on their feet the first few years, then they grow stronger toward the end. But not Enterprise; I think it was excellent at the beginning and grew tiresome at the end.

The same is true for Shark, a new show on CBS that started last fall. It began as a courtroom drama. Now, it is more action-adventure with lawyers than drama. But I still watch it, hoping for some drama, because I like the main character’s wit.

Joe Farrell’s Goodbye Letter

Trading Spaces: Family has been canceled and host Joe Farrell wrote a Goodbye Letter. During the final episode, he throws in several tongue in cheek sayings:

The designers getting a “good buy”

Hopes they “fare well”

The key swap:

The last time I’ll be going over the rules

For time’s up:

“That’s a Wrap”

Locks the trailer

The Closing:

Thanks the crew

Ends with “This has been Trading Spaces Family”